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AI tools, now accessible to millions worldwide, simplify the creation of fake news, deepfakes, and various forms of propaganda. These can quickly proliferate across social media platforms, posing significant risks to individuals and society by undermining trust and spreading misinformation.

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Key Features

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    Clarity Enhancement

    Layly enhances understanding for informed decisions

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    Social Empowerment

    Layly enhances informed, resilient society, strengthens democracy, fosters online vigilance.

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    Trust in Information

    Ensures truth, informed opinions, verified data.

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    Sentiment Analysis

    Layly analyzes tone and sentiment, enhancing users understanding of content perspective and intention

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    Content Personalization

    Layly tailors content, enhances relevance, utility.

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    Intuitive Interface

    Layly features a user-friendly interface, enabling quick access and efficient actions

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    Data Security

    Layly safeguards user data with strong encryption and privacy protocols

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    Real-Time Verification

    Layly offers real-time verification of news, videos, and social posts to prevent misinformation

Generative AI Products

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    AI Image Classification

    Our advanced system detects AI-generated images using algorithms to differentiate real from synthetic visuals, essential for media and content sectors to ensure digital authenticity.

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    AI Fakes in Videos

    Our solution detects AI fakes in videos using deep learning to analyze discrepancies, ensuring digital media integrity and trust by distinguishing deepfakes, crucial for online credibility.

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    Voice Deep Fake Detection

    Our advanced solution identifies voice deepfakes using acoustic analysis to differentiate genuine from artificial audio, crucial for authentic digital communication in the AI era.

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    AI Beauty Filter Detection

    Our technology detects AI beauty filters with precision algorithms to distinguish real from enhanced images, key for platforms upholding genuine visual representation.

Guide to Effortless Operation

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    Manage AI services

    Our platform expertly manages and operates a comprehensive range of deepfake content services, encompassing images, videos, text, and audio. This service is designed to handle and process advanced synthetic media, ensuring seamless integration and operation for diverse applications across various industries.

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    Efficient Information Automation

    Our app delivers precise, real-time information, serving as your personal content analyst for daily use. Streamline information management in your work, personal, and family life with reliable, data-driven insights.

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    LAYLY LLMs Extensions

    LAYLY LLMs Extensions are a series of advanced browser add-ons designed to integrate the capabilities of the Layly language model directly into your web browsing experience.

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    LAYLY Apps offers a suite of mobile applications that integrate advanced artificial intelligence to optimize and enrich your daily digital experience. These apps are designed to provide real-time text analysis, enhance communication, and offer customized solutions for information management.

Our Team

  • Edinson Carranza

    CEO Founder

  • Nayra D.

    Full Stack Developer

  • Mat R.

    Director of Marketing

  • Dyran Valeroso

    Frontend Developer

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